I bought tickets to the 2020 conference which was postponed due to Covid-19. What do I do?

Nothing! We have already transferred all Gala Speaker Dinner and Conference tickets to the new dates. You should have received your updated tickets and information from Eventbrite! If you did not, send an email to Dale Sprusansky (dsprusan@wrmea.org), and we'll send you another ticket link by email!

I bought in real life (IRL) tickets to the 2020 conference, but would rather attend the rescheduled 2022 conference via Zoom. Can I change ticket type?

Yes! If you would rather have a Zoom ticket, send an email to Dale Sprusansky (dsprusan@wrmea.org), and we'll send you a Zoom ticket link by email and refund the difference!

What if the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issues another lockdown on March 3-4, 2022? Will the conference be rescheduled again?

No! Even if the public cannot attend the conference, the speakers and production team will produce the conference via Zoom from the National Press Club. If this low-probability situation prevails, we will convert all IRL tickets to Zoom, email them, and issue refunds for the difference.

Are the speakers appearing at the conference going to be a mix of IRL and Zoom?

No! All speakers have committed to appearing in person at the National Press Club and staying as long as their schedule permits to meet and dine with ticketholders, students and members of the news media!

Is the Speaker Gala Dinner going to be accessible via Zoom?

No! As an intimate, special gathering, this session will not be streamed via Zoom.

Should I wait until the last moment to buy my IRL tickets?

No! In fact, we urge anyone thinking of attending IRL to buy tickets and book travel as soon as possible to avoid inventory problems with airline seats, hotels, Airbnb and other accommodations!

Will conference organizers be checking my "vaccine passport" or temperature?

No! The National Press Club, acting under CDC guidelines, is responsible for all aspects of ensuring a safe venue. However they will be checking temperatures and vaccination status before allowing attendees to enter the conference facilities. See their protocols at: https://www.press.org/safetyfirst

Are the speakers the same as were to appear in 2020!

Yes! The speaker lineup is 80 percent the same (visit the speaker web page of this site). And we're still adding to the all-star lineup of incredible speakers right up to the day of the conference!

Can I help spread the word about this conference?

Yes! Visit the Spread the Word page of this site to social share announcements to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms! Download handouts with conference speaker information and post them around town!